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Registered housing agencies are not-for-profit organisations that provide affordable rental housing for low income households.

They are registered under the Housing Act 1983 (the Act) as either housing associations or housing providers.

To be eligible to be registered, a not-for-profit organisation must be a company limited by shares or guarantee, an incorporated association, or a co-operative.

As at 1 July 2018, there were 40 registered agencies consisting of ten housing associations and 30 housing providers.

Registered housing agencies:

  • may own, manage and develop affordable rental housing
  • may provide a range of housing support and assistance to clients
  • are viable businesses partnering with both government and the community
  • have met registration criteria, and continue to meet ongoing compliance requirements as well as demonstrate continuous improvement

Housing managed by registered agencies is primarily long term and/or transitional (up to six months) but some agencies also provide crisis housing and other forms of housing such as disability shared accommodation.

Some agencies have now incorporated real estate agent business arms to enable them to manage private rental market housing.

All registered agencies must comply with performance standards(pdf 443KB) and other legislative requirements, as well as demonstrate skills, expertise and resources to manage a viable social housing business.

Our information sheets on registered housing agencies(docx 50KB) and types of housing(docx 52KB) provide further information on regulated entities

The public register

Schedule 8 of the Act identifies prescribed information on registered housing agencies to be made available by the Registrar for the public. This information is available free of charge through the public register, and is automatically updated as agencies submit changes.

Information in the public register includes:

  • Agency name
  • Registered office address
  • Names of all governing body members
  • Name of the public officer
  • Registration number
  • Date of registration
  • Current registration status and registration category
  • Record of compliance with reporting requirements under the Act
  • Dates and descriptions of reports supplied by the agency under section 105 of the Act in the preceding five years (performance against performance standards and financial statements and accounts)