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Reporting requirements

Information is required from agencies to undertake the regulatory function - initially at registration and thereafter as ongoing regulatory engagement.

A number of guidance documents for registered agencies on self assessment and reporting requirements have been produced. Timing on introduction of requirements is outlined in guidance for newly registered agencies.

Legislative reporting requirements

The Housing Act 1983 sets out reporting requirements for agencies including:

  • self assessment of performance against performance standards
  • audited financial statements and accounts
  • register updates
  • notifications of changes to constitution or rules
  • declarations

Housing Registrar reporting requirements

In addition to legislative requirements, the Housing Registrar have implemented additional reporting:

  • data report on results against key performance measures
  • financial performance reports showing historical and projected figures
  • self assessment of achievements against objectives and targets in annual business plan
  • summary of complaints
  • annual business plan

A calendar of reporting requirements can be found in the Compliance and Performance publication.

Templates for the above reporting requirements have been developed for use by registered housing agencies.


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