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The Housing Registrar has collected and published service and financial data for the sector since 2009.

Since 2013-14 data has been published in two sector performance dashboards that focus on service delivery and financial performance. Before then we published more detailed reports on sector performance. More detailed statistics are published on DataVic, a government website that holds a wide variety of data.

The financial data dashboard presents consolidated figures for the entire sector. Audited financial statements for individual registered housing agencies are provided to the public through the ACNC website. The financial publications can be viewed in the “Financials & Documents” section after entering the registered agency’s name into the search option.  

Sector performance dashboards


Service delivery dashboard 2016-17(pdf 38KB)
Financial data dashboard 2016-17(pdf 55KB)


Service delivery dashboard 2015-16(pdf 37KB)
Financial data dashboard 2015-16(pdf 36KB)


Service delivery dashboard 2014-15(pdf 47KB)
Financial data dashboard 2014-15(pdf 35KB)


Service delivery dashboard 2013-14(pdf 43KB)
Financial data dashboard 2013-14(pdf 41KB)

Sector performance reports

Prior to 2013-14 the Housing Registrar published an annual Sector Performance report that included:

  • a profile of the registered housing sector for the financial year,
  • a summary of performance of registered agencies against key performance measures*, and
  • a resource for registered housing agencies to compare and evaluate their performance against results achieved across the whole sector.

Previous Sector Performance Reports are available below.


Sector Performance 2012-13(pdf 3MB)


Sector Performance 2011-12(pdf 3MB)
Sector Performance 2011-12(docx 3MB)


Sector Performance 2010-11(pdf 6MB)
Sector Performance 2010-11(doc 18MB)


Sector Performance 2009-10 – Portrait version(pdf 5MB)
Sector Performance 2009-10 – Landscape version(pdf 5MB)
Sector Performance 2009-10(doc 9MB)


S(pdf 3MB)ector Performance 2008-09(pdf 3MB)

*Note: Housing agencies are presented in different order in each graph to ensure confidentiality of agency performance data submitted to the Housing Registrar.


In order to view PDF documents contained on this page you will require Adobe Reader. If you would like to receive publications in an alternative format please contact us.