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Performance standards

The performance standards represent the standard of operation required of registered housing agencies while registered under the provisions of the Housing Act 1983 (the Act). Agencies should note that compliance at all times with standards, and indicators that apply within them, is mandatory. It is the responsibility of the agency to provide, when requested, supporting evidence to show standards have been met.

The current performance standards were approved by the Victorian Assistant Treasurer and take effect from 1 July 2014.

Current performance standards(pdf 443KB)
Current performance standards(docx 104KB)

For reference purposes only, these are the old Performance Standards that ceased 30 June 2014

Previous performance standards(pdf 233KB)
Previous performance standards(doc 416KB)

Evidence guidelines

These evidence guidelines support the performance standards. This publication lists the minimum documentation the Registrar expects to exist in any registered agency, and will be reviewed as part of the assessment of a registered agency’s compliance with performance standards. Agencies applying for registration are expected to provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate capacity to meet performance standards.

They are not exhaustive and the agency may use additional business documentation to demonstrate compliance. If requested the registered agency must provide supporting evidence to show that performance standards have been met.

The Registrar will use the evidence guidelines when undertaking registration and ongoing monitoring and regulatory engagement. Registered agencies are required to provide evidence where there has been changes or revision of policies and procedures as part of ongoing regulation.

Evidence guidelines – April 2015(pdf 80KB)
Evidence guidelines – April 2015(docx 81KB)


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