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The Housing Registrar has created a number of information sheets to provide further information about registered housing agencies and affordable housing and to clarify our processes and practices

Introducing regulation

The following fact sheets have been produced to demystify housing regulation and the registered housing sector.

Housing Regulation in Victoria(docx 47KB)

The regulatory framework(docx 51KB)

Regulation in action(docx 48KB)

Registered housing agencies(docx 50KB)

Types of housing managed by the sector(docx 52KB)

Information sheets for tenants and prospective tenants

Affordable housing

Information sheet on affordable housing(pdf 721KB)

Rent setting

To enable a better understanding of rent setting we have produced in conjunction with CHIA Vicdetailed information paper(pdf 588KB) for all stakeholders associated with social housing. We have also produced a shorter version(pdf 263KB) specifically for tenants and prospective tenants to assist them to understand how their rent is calculated.

Making a complaint

Our three information sheets provide further details for specific groups.

Complaints by tenants and prospective tenants(pdf 112KB)

Complaints by members of co-operatives(pdf 115KB)
This information sheet provides further information on complaints by members of co-operatives about other members, their co-operative committee, or the relationship of their co-operative with another registered housing agency

Complaints by neighbours(pdf 95KB)
The Housing Registrar has no direct role in investigating complaints by neighbours of properties managed by registered housing agencies. The following information sheet will guide neighbours on what they can do if they have issues with an agency.

Understanding your rent

To enable a better understanding of rent setting we have produced two information papers in conjunction with the Community Housing Industry Association Victoria (CHIA Vic).

  1. a detailed information paper for all stakeholders(pdf 588KB) associated with social housing
  2. shorter version specifically for tenants and prospective tenants(pdf 263KB) to assist in understanding how rent is calculated.

Information sheets for registered housing agencies

Confidentiality(pdf 161KB)
Under the Housing Act 1983 (the Act), the registration and regulation of housing agencies require the provision of information by agencies to the Housing Registrar which may include commercial-in-confidence and/or personal information. This paper provides a general overview of the management and handling of information by us under the Act.

Incident reporting(pdf 59KB)
A factsheet on incident reporting has been provided to give an overview for registered agencies of their incident reporting obligations to the Department of Health and Human Services and the Housing Registrar. In addition to the information provided, DHHS guidelines, reporting templates and regional fax numbers related to incident reporting are available on the DHHS funded agency channel.