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From 2018-19, the Housing Registrar report has been reformatted to comprise two separate volumes: a Sector Performance Report and a Regulatory Update Report. Separation into two volumes ensures that sector data is released to the public as soon as possible following completion and analysis of annual performance.

The Regulatory Update Report provides a yearly overview of key projects, regulatory matters and includes updates from the sector and the key priorities of the Housing Registrar for the following financial year. This report delivers on the Housing Registrar’s commitment to being visible, open and engaged with our key stakeholders. The 2019-20 Regulatory Update Report is now available. 

Regulatory Update Report 2019-20(pdf 5MB)

Regulatory Update Report 2019-20 - Word accessible version(docx 4MB)


The Sector Performance Report focuses on providing detailed analysis of sector performance including financial and non-financial data for the previous financial year in a timely manner. This new format ensures that sector performance data is released soon after annual regulatory reviews have been completed and information is available to the public as quickly as possible. The Sector Performance Report 2018-19(pdf 4MB) is now available.


 Regulatory Update Report 2018-19(pdf 3MB)


Sector Performance Report 2017-18(pdf 3MB)


Housing-Registrar-Report-2016-17.pdf(pdf 3MB)


Housing-Registrar-Report-2015-16.pdf(pdf 1MB)


Housing Registrar Report 2014-15(pdf 2MB)


Housing Registrar Report 2013-14(pdf 1MB)


Housing Registrar Report 2012-13(pdf 2MB)
Housing Registrar Report 2012-13(docx 8MB)


Housing Registrar Report 2011-12(pdf 5MB)
Housing Registrar Report 2011-12(doc 689KB)


Housing Registrar Report 2010-11(pdf 3MB)
Housing Registrar Report 2010-11(doc 1MB)


Housing Registrar Report 2009-10(pdf 4MB)
Housing Registrar Report 2009-10(doc 668KB)


Housing Registrar Report 2008-09(pdf 3MB)
Housing Registrar Report 2008-09(doc 783KB)


Housing Registrar Report 2007-08(pdf 2MB)
Housing Registrar Report 2007-08(doc 56KB)


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