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Regulatory framework series

Regulatory framework publications illustrate our model of regulation and various components, including registration. The series consists of a high level summary document introducing all aspects of regulation and five documents focusing on key components.

Our regulatory framework
Outlines our regulatory objectives, powers, model of engagement, and major components forming our regulatory approach.

Our regulatory framework (PDF Size 376kb)

Our regulatory framework (Word Size 361kb)

1. Registration
Registration is the first of our regulatory framework series and provides:

  • information for agencies seeking registration under the Housing Act 1983 (the Act)
  • details of the registration criteria
  • how applications for registration are assessed

Registration (PDF Size 352kb)

Registration (Word Size 169kb)

2. Evidence guidelines
Evidence guidelines sets out the performance requirements and indicators along with evidence sources that are used to demonstrate compliance against Performance Standards.

Evidence-Guidelines-April-2015.pdf (PDF Size 80kb)

Evidence-Guidelines-April-2015.docx (Word Size 77kb)

For reference purposes only, this is the old Complaince and performance document.

Compliance and performance (Superseded 1 July 2014) (PDF Size 481kb)

Compliance and performance (Word Size 1.33mb)

3. Financial viability
Financial viability is part of the regulatory framework series. It outlines our approach to monitoring and assessing this critical feature of registered housing agencies.

Financial viability (PDF Size 240kb)

Financial viability (Word Size 272kb)

4. Complaints management
Describes how complaints are handled and the role of the Housing Registrar within this process.

Complaints management (PDF Size 526kb)

Complaints management (Word Size 2.3mb)

5. Regulatory engagement 

Describes ongoing regulatory engagement with a specific focus upon the exception process when agencies are found to be underperforming or not meeting compliance and prescribed Performance Standards.

Regulatory engagement (PDF Size 478kb)

Regulatory engagement (Word Size 230kb)



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