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The Housing Registrar has published an updated guidance note on agency self-assessment against business plans and Performance Standards.

The guidance note(pdf 292KB) provides guidance to registered agencies on self-assessments against business plans and Performance Standards when reporting to the Registrar of Housing Agencies (the Registrar) as part of the Annual Compliance Assessments (ACA). It describes the purpose and value of registered agencies undertaking self-assessments and the Housing Registrar’s approach to reviewing self-assessments as part of the ACA.

Please note that the end of August 2020 self-assessment reporting deadline (for the 2019-20 Performance Year ACA) has been extended to the end of October 2020 to reduce regulatory burden on registered agencies during stage 4 restrictions. Please refer to the recent Guidance Note - Coronavirus (COVID-19) communication and reporting to the Housing Registrar emailed to registered agencies on 11 August 2020 for more information.