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On July 1st 2018, the Registrar of Housing Agencies, Bernard Gastin, approved Women’s Housing Limited’s (WHL) application for a change in category to a Housing Association under the Housing Act 1983.

The decision is made based on WHL’s demonstrated capacity to grow at scale through a strong track record of consistent housing growth in the past and a future growth strategy that will continue this trend. 

WHL specialises in the provision of affordable housing for women and children and has grown its asset base of $0.3 million in 2008 (with no owned property) to $54 million by 30 June 2019. Tenancy numbers have grown from 108 to 400. This scale is consistent with Tier 1 housing provider status under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing. 

WHL has also established a pipeline of projects, including a new development in Bayswater and partnership with major developers such as Lendlease. These projects will continue to increase the supply of affordable housing by approximately 60 units by 2025-26. The growth is achieved through WHL's own capital investment as well as leveraging generous developer land contributions and without relying solely on government funding. 

The Housing Registrar team congratulates WHL in achieving this important milestone and will continue to work closely with WHL to ensure the regulatory requirements of a Housing Association are met.