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The Housing Registrar receives a number of queries about rent charges in registered housing agencies each year.

Rent setting is a complex area with no single model applying across the sector.

The rent charged to you will depend on who owns the property (for example the Director of Housing, the registered agency or another party), the type of housing (for example long term or transitional housing), the government program that funded the housing (for example the National Rental Affordability Scheme), and other factors.

Calculations of rent may be based on your income, the market value of the property, and/or service charges applying to the property.

If you have questions about your rent we encourage you in the first instance to seek information from the registered agency managing your home on how rent is calculated for the property in which you are living, and the breakdown of how your own rent figure has been derived.

To enable a better understanding of rent setting we have produced two information papers in conjunction with the Community Housing Industry Association Victoria (CHIA Vic).

  1. a detailed information paper for all stakeholders(pdf 588KB) associated with social housing
  2. a shorter version specifically for tenants and prospective tenants(pdf 263KB) to assist in understanding how rent is calculated.