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The Housing Registrar monitors complaints handling by registered agencies.

The Housing Registrar can review complaints referred to us by tenants or prospective tenants of registered agencies that have not been satisfactorily resolved by agencies.

All agencies are required to have established complaints handling processes and assist you towards a resolution. Before making a complaint to us, you must first try to resolve your concerns with the agency involved and make sure you take your issues through the agency’s formal complaints process. 

If you have lodged your formal complaint with the agency and after 30 days the matter is not satisfactorily resolved, you can then contact the Housing Registrar to discuss your concerns.

You can lodge your complaint in writing or via email at

It is helpful if you can provide us with copies of your complaint to the agency, and the written response by the agency to your complaint.

If you have any questions about lodging a complaint please contact us.

If you are not a tenant or a prospective tenant of a registered housing agency but have an issue about a registered agency please contact the agency to resolve the matter.

Our three information sheets provide further details for specific groups.

Complaints by tenants and prospective tenants(pdf 112KB)

Complaints by members of co-operatives(pdf 115KB)
This information sheet provides further information on complaints by members of co-operatives about other members, their co-operative committee, or the relationship of their co-operative with another registered housing agency

Complaints by neighbours(pdf 95KB)
The Housing Registrar has no direct role in investigating complaints by neighbours of properties managed by registered housing agencies. The following information sheet will guide neighbours on what they can do if they have issues with an agency.