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Monitoring and assessing compliance and performance of registered agencies is a major role and an integral part of day-to-day functions of the Housing Registrar.

Much of the record keeping associated with this monitoring and assessment is captured in our online business system, CHiMES, which is also used by agencies to submit reports and other documentation to the Housing Registrar.

Compliance requirements

Agencies need to comply with performance standards(pdf 443KB) and other requirements set out in the Housing Act 1983 (theAct).

Performance standards cover seven key areas:

  • Tenant and housing services
  • Housing assets
  • Governance
  • Community engagement
  • Probity
  • Management
  • Financial viability

Further requirements in the Act for registered agencies include:

  • Notifying the Registrar within 14 days of a change to the agency register details
  • Submitting specific reports and declarations to the Registrar on an annual basis
  • Providing a complaints procedure and maintaining a register of complaints received
  • Notifying the Registrar of any proposed changes to its Constitution or Rules 28 days in advance

Monitoring of compliance with performance standards

The evidence guidelines(pdf 80KB) describe how an agency demonstrates its compliance with the standards.

In summary, compliance is primarily demonstrated through a combination of:

  • Agency policies and procedures pertaining to the relevant standard, copies of which are made available to the Housing Registrar via CHiMES
  • Agency performance against key performance measures (KPMs) which the Housing Registrar introduced for some of the standards – an annual data collection shows agency results against the measures
  • An annual self-assessment by the agency submitted to the Housing Registrar with 28 days of holding its annual general meeting
  • Other annual agency reporting such as achievements against business plan objectives and financials
  • Agency business practices which Housing Registrar staff are exposed to in their regulatory engagement with an agency, in complaints handled about an agency, and through feedback received from other parties such as government funding sources or leasing programs

Monitoring of compliance with other requirements

Compliance with other requirements is demonstrated by an agency through:

  • submission of required information and reports to us within specified timeframes
  • maintenance of a complaints register
  • the procedure used in handling complaints.

Monitoring performance of agencies

In contrast to many regulatory systems focused on compliance, our housing regulation system has a major focus on performance and continuous improvement.

We primarily monitor performance of agencies against our key performance measures, and the agency’s own business plan and its financial performance forecasting. However each year we identify performance improvements for each agency in their annual regulatory review and the implementation of these improvements within specified timelines is another area of performance monitoring.

Our regulatory engagement with the agency and four annual reporting requirements shown below are the key sources of information on agency performance:

  • KPMs data collection
  • Self-assessment of achievements against annual business plan for past year
  • Financial performance report
  • Business plan for the coming year

The agency’s own annual report is a further source of information for us on agency performance.

We compare an agency’s KPMs results with other agencies, and also consider trends in its results. Overall performance and trends for the whole registered sector are also monitored.

Annual assessments – agency regulatory reviews

On an annual basis we formally review each registered agency’s compliance and performance and provide feedback to the agency on the outcome of the review.

Reviews are based on a financial year (July to June) and are aimed to be completed within six weeks of receipt of the final annual reporting from the agency.

An annual review report is provided to each agency. The report has four sections:

  1. Compliance with Performance Standards(pdf 443KB)
  2. Compliance with legislative requirements and demonstration of continuous improvement
  3. Performance improvement plan and engagement profile
  4. Summary of KPMs and financial measures