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The Housing Registrar is monitoring the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the registered community housing sector (the sector) with a focus on risk management, governance and compliance with government policy as reflected in the Performance Standards. This regulatory approach is consistent with our response to any other significant emerging risk that may arise that has the potential to materially impact tenants, staff and the performance of the sector.

Housing Registrar guidance notes

The Housing Registrar has issued the following guidance notes to the sector outlining reporting requirements, changes to our regulatory approach and key messages on new government policy and legislation.

Information for providers of high risk, high density accommodation

Registered agencies that are managing high-risk accommodation (e.g. for vulnerable tenants, including the elderly or people with disabilities, premises with building design risks, and/or shared facilities such as rooming houses) and high-density accommodation, should have appropriate risk management strategies in place specific to that organisation and ensure that the risks arising from such accommodations are being managed.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Community Housing Industry Association Victoria (CHIA Vic) have issued multiple guidance documents on preparedness arrangements, including DHHS’s Multi-dwelling Properties with Shared Facilities Guidelines.

Please ensure that your organisation is following this guidance where it is applicable to your business and the risks you are managing.

Guidelines for funded homelessness service providers related to coronavirus

The COVID-19 Amendment to homelessness services guidelines and conditions of funding was released on 25 March 2020 to assist homelessness services when responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Homelessness service providers should consider these guidelines, alongside other materials provided by DHHS (Victoria) and the Department of Health (Commonwealth) to determine how the coronavirus may impact their service, their residents or clients and their workforce and use those insights to determine further planning and preparedness.

The 'COVID-19 Amendment to homelessness services guidelines and conditions of funding' will become a temporary amendment to the Homelessness services guidelines and conditions of funding (May 2014).

CHIA Vic guidance and information

The Community Housing Industry Association of Victoria (CHIA Vic) has provided a number of resources for community housing agencies on coronavirus, which are available on the CHIA Vic website.

Up-to-date information on coronavirus in Victoria

Up-to-date information on coronavirus in Victoria, including resources for the community, businesses and the community sector, can be found on the DHHS website.