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To obtain registration a not-for-profit rental housing agency must satisfy the Registrar that it meets all criteria specified within Schedule 7 of Part VIII of the Housing Act 1983 (the Act) and meets or has the strong capacity to meet performance standards.

Registration criteria include:

  • legal and constitutional requirements;
  • performing the role of a rental housing agency; and
  • demonstration that the agency has the capacity to meet performance standards(pdf 443KB) .

Who can register

Rental housing agencies providing housing to low-income Victorians can apply to be registered as a housing association or housing provider under the ActAgencies may manage properties on behalf of the Director of Housing or another agency, and/or own properties.

The Act specifies the legal structure required of housing associations and providers:

  • Housing associations must be companies limited by shares or guarantee.
  • Housing providers can be companies limited by shares or guarantee, incorporated associations or co-operatives.

Registered agencies:

  • own, manage and/or develop affordable rental housing
  • provide a range of housing support and assistance to clients
  • are viable businesses partnering with both government and the community

Before seeking registration

Organisations should consider and discuss options with their board and other stakeholders prior to applying for registration.

Registration is a significant organisational commitment. Registration criteria outline specific requirements and, once registered, agencies must comply with a range of requirements via regular reporting and engagement.

Agency board and management must understand regulatory requirements for compliance and performance and financial viability before proceeding with registration.

If you are a non-profit rental housing agency seeking to become a registered housing agency, please complete the pre-registration enquiry form.

Interstate agencies seeking registration in Victoria

Interstate community housing providers registered under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH)  that are considering registering under the Victorian regulatory framework should read the following guidance document to help them understand the requirements.

Interstate agencies seeking Victorian registration guide(pdf 135KB)