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As the Registrar’s powers include many decisions that can significantly affect a rental housing agency’s operations and even its ongoing existence, a Registrar’s Advisory Panel (the Panel) is an independent body outside of the Housing Registrar that considers and recommends Registrar decisions and/or use of the Registrar’s powers to the Registrar.

Housing Registrar staff brief the Panel on potential regulatory decisions or actions. The Panel seeks to fully understand the context and rationale for the proposed decision or action and makes recommendations to the Registrar regarding the implementation of the proposed action.

If the Panel has concerns or believes other steps need to be taken prior to a decision being made, the Panel can:

  • request further advice to be provided by the Housing Registrar to a later meeting before it finalises its position; or
  • provide an alternative recommendation to the Registrar.

Should the Registrar wish to disregard the recommendations of the Panel then the matter can be referred to the DTF Secretary by the Registrar for resolution.

The membership of the Panel includes representatives from the Departments of Treasury and Finance and Health and Human Services.

Typical matters reviewed by the Registrar’s Advisory Panel include: