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The Registrar of Housing Agencies (the Registrar) is responsible for implementing a regulatory framework to encourage the development of rental housing agencies serving the housing needs of low income tenants.

This is achieved through: 

  • registration of rental housing agencies (as housing associations or housing providers)
  • regulation and monitoring of registered agencies

The current Registrar of Housing Agencies is Bernard Gastin, a senior official within the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) in which the Housing Registrar is located. Bernard’s appointment as Registrar ends on 30 September 2020.

The Assistant Treasurer has portfolio responsibility for the Registrar within the Andrews Government.

In practice the Registrar manages the regulatory system on a day-to-day basis through the office of the Housing Registrar and briefs the Assistant Treasurer on matters of significant importance.

Functions of the Registrar

Part VIII of the Housing Act 1983 (the Act) outlines the functions of the Registrar as follows:

  • To register rental housing agencies;
  • To establish and maintain the Register of Housing Agencies;
  • To recommend to the Minister the making of regulation for the purposes of this Act;
  • To recommend to the Minister the making of performance standards to be met by registered agencies;
  • To monitor compliance by registered agencies with performance standards, and regulations under this Act;
  • To provide the Minister with any information and reports about the operations of the Registrar as the Minister may request; and
  • Any other functions conferred on the Registrar by this Act or the regulations.

Appointment of the Registrar

The terms and conditions for appointment of the Registrar are set out in Division 2 of Part VIII of the Act.

The Registrar is appointed by the Governor in Council on the recommendation of the Minister. An appointment can be made for up to seven years. However the Governor in Council may at any time remove the Registrar from office.

Appointment of an acting Registrar can be made by the relevant Minister for a period of up to six months, but can be extended for additional six month periods.

The Registrar and successors in office are a body corporate.