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There are currently ten positions in the Housing Registrar. A Director heads up the work unit with the nine remaining staff divided into two teams.

Staff from the regulation team each have a portfolio of registered housing agencies for whom they play a lead regulator role. Lead regulators are responsible for following up enquiries, complaints and Ministerial correspondence relating to their allocated agencies. Staff from the finance team provide financial analysis across all agencies and also undertake the lead regulator role for a small number of agencies each.

Other responsibilities allocated within the two teams include information system management, communications and publications, data management, budget management, record keeping and information management, and quality management and continuous improvement.

Periodically the Assistant Treasurer (formerly the Minister for Finance) provides a Statement of Expectations for the Housing Registrar, setting out his expectations of the Housing Registrar's contribution to the Government's program to reduce red tape, as well as broader improvements for the Housing Registrar's performance. The current Ministerial Statement of Expectations is available here(pdf 132KB).

The Registrar's response to the Ministerial Statement of Expectations is available here.(pdf 129KB)