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On 1 January 2005, amendments to the Housing Act 1983 introduced a new system of regulation for non-government rental housing agencies. The legislation established a Registrar of Housing Agencies as the body to be responsible for this regulatory system.

To support the Registrar of Housing Agencies an administrative arm, the Housing Registrar, was first created within the Office of Housing in the Department of Human Services during the second half of 2005. In 2011 as a result of a decision by the incoming government, the Housing Registrar was transferred to the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Our vision and purpose

We have produced a Housing Registrar Strategic Plan for 2018-20(pdf 831KB) which refreshes our vision, purpose, priorities and values over the next two years. For further details on our overall focus and approach see the How we regulate section of this site.


A community housing sector that provides access to safe, secure and affordable housing solutions to Victorians in need.


To contribute to the development, growth and continual improvement of the Victorian community housing sector through proactive, risk based, and outcomes focused regulation.